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Mercedes F400 Carving

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Публикувано 06 март 2006 - 08:02

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With the F 300, our engineers succeeded in creating a unique combination of safety and driving pleasure. However, they were convinced it would be possible to offer the same levels of fun on four wheels. As the F 400 Carving proves, they were right.

When cornering, the F 400’s wheels tilt at an angle of up to 20 degrees. This increases driving stability and reduces the danger of the car spinning. The tilt angle is controlled electronically according to speed, acceleration, steering turn-in and yaw movements. The tyres on the inside of the bend stay in their normal position, as does the car’s body.

Due to the high lateral forces exerted on the outside wheels, lateral acceleration is up to 28 per cent higher than on a sports car with conventional suspension technology. In addition, the F 400’s system can react if the car is in danger of spinning or aquaplaning, or to emergency braking, by adjusting the wheel camber as required.

Drive-by-wire also plays an important part in helping the F 400 achieve its development objectives. Automatic steering inputs can help to minimise the risk of the car spinning, while electronics allow braking pressure to be distributed far more efficiently.

The body of the F 400 is made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and weighs little more than 100 kilograms. The spaceframe chassis is made of steel, aluminium and CFRP.
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Публикувано 09 март 2006 - 15:08

Незнам защо но много ме кефят праговете :huh: ъъъ ако така се казват на тия работи на едно НЛО :D Колата е неземно красива!
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